Fit.Family coaching is designed to uncover a family’s potential to lead their healthiest lives. Whether it’s the family of a teen who is struggling with his or her weight and body image, or a family who simply feels like they’ve tried everything to make positive lifestyle changes and are desparate to get healthy…together.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Our thoughts and feelings play a fundamental role in our behaviors. Each family will participate in a weekly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy call with Margaret Taylor.

Weekly Fitness Coaching

With two families per coach, each family will meet twice a week at the coach’s choice location (park, gym, spin class, etc.). The goal will be to take advantage of the resources and tools that each family may already have in place, and make additions as we see a specific need or want.

The Goals

The end result is the accomplishment of the specific goal each team has set, as well as the creation of a solid foundation on which to build a lasting, healthy behavioral change.


Fit.Family is geared to help the family, not just the child, to create a blueprint for change that can be sustained. Our program seeks to establish healthy outcomes through a committed approach by the entire family that involves wellness plans, exercise goals and cognitive therapy sessions. 


There will be 4-8 spots available per family (this IS a family program). The cost will be $640 per family of up to four family members. Any additional persons will be $50 per person. Application is submitted online. This is a for profit venture however Louies’ Kids, the Fit.Family program sponsor, comes in with scholarships for the families who cannot afford this one-of-a-kind fitness opportunity. Families who need tuition assistance must show financial need and write a request to Louie’s Kids and submitted for board approval. There will be levels of full to partial assistance, however can also subsidize the cost.

Living Healthy and Balanced

No matter the age, individuals sill develop best through experiences that both educate them and challenge them to step out of their comfort zones to achieve new goals.

A Time for Change

Each week for 8, 10 or 12 weeks, twice per week, families will be paired with their own coach that will not only introduce them to all type of fitness opportunities, but will engage them in conversations about eating, changing behaviors, and supporting one another. There will also be homework assignments that test and strengthen them, appropriately building in difficulty and skill level as they advance through the program. The more they develop and grow, the easier it will be to sustain behavioural changes over time and build a new life..


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The Louie’s Kids organization is available to answer questions about the program.

Fit.Family is supported by Louie's Kids, whose mission for 19 years has been to fight childhood obesity one child at a time.